The Person

This is Gaurav Khare’s personal blog. Needless to say, the views expressed here are his own in private capacity.

He was born in a small town of Madhya Pradesh and feels hugely lucky to have a family that is ever supportive and loving (touch wood). He did his schooling at various places because of transferable job of his father and then he completed his engineering in 2005 from the beautiful city of lakes; Bhopal.

Though he was an Electronics and Communication student he ended up into IT similar to most of other engineering graduates. Soon he realized that he was not liking coding/programming at all and would make a very bad programmer, so he again switched his work profile and moved into Business Analysis field which was more functional, non-technical space. He found himself comfortable in Finance and Banking domain.

He has been working for over 10 years now and currently he is with a leading IT Consulting firm. This space will be updated if and when something happens on the professional front.

Apart from other things he loves reading fiction and finance. This blog is just an extension of his Facebook/Twitter existence, with more control and flexibility over the way I can say things.

He lives and works in Gurgaon and can be reached at, follow him @iam_khare. Please fill in the Guestbook with your feedback.