Lord Ganesha, Please don’t reside on entire road.

Ganesh-ChaturthiDear Lord Ganesha,

First of all I would like to tell you that I have absolute faith in you and your powers.

You know I get up early in the morning, try to get ready on time and somehow manage to catch my office bus, then for the whole day I work hard to earn a living, till the end of office hours I get very tired. Then the time comes to catch the bus again and reach home late evening.

I want to reach home as soon as possible so that I can get my dinner and good rest for next day’s job.

Now you are coming to bless us, I welcome you with all my heart but I have complains to make that you take a place where ever people situate you (if they are stupid enough they put in the middle of the road), it causes the traffic jam, which causes lot of delay in reaching home.

I request you to give them wisdom so they can find out some better place for you (Nothing can be better than our hearts though), please also use your powers so that they cannot do inappropriate thing using your name like playing vulgar songs at the maximum volume, getting drunk and dancing in front of you.

I hope you understand my genuine problems and you will not take it otherwise.

In the end I have one more request, would you please pass this message to goddess Durga as well (FYI & A) and request her same as after you she will be coming next month.

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7 Commentsto Lord Ganesha, Please don’t reside on entire road.

  1. Rishi says:

    Hey Dude … As soon as I read this write up of yours, first thing I did was I had a hearty laugh .. Because it was worth it … But If I am asked to give a suitable title for the above thoughtful paragraphs, it would be – “A Serious Humour” … Ironical it sounds ofcourse!!

    Man this is our Hindu Dharm!! Or for that matter any Dharm and the related activities of theirs … Nobody can help it … “Ganpati Bappa Muriya” is chanted all during the festivity with using all the energy and zeal one has … But nobody cares what happens to “The Ganpati Bappa” once the deity is submerged in a dry pond – so called – ..Then whether Ganpati bhagwan is lying broken or he is wailing in pain .. neither Mr. Gaetonde of Shankar chawl cares nor Mr. Joshi of Dahisar Chawl pay a heed to!! .. And the filth and the disorder created during the celebrations all through Maharashtra is something which is very paltry thing as compared to the condition of the deity lying broken in the Pond … If they cant think of “Lord Ganesh” then asking them to maintain a cordial atmosphere is something too much to ask… So bear with it!..You have nothing to do much in this thing.. Its a religious affair man and teaching to be civilised doesnt go with it parallely .. People will kill you .. AAH..Crap all this is!! .. Wat an Irony dude , wat an irony!! .. God!!..Ganesh Ji help your devotees!!

  2. Rishi says:

    You know wat…Thats why, Goddess Durga didnt save that drowning fisherman asking for her help in kolkata … Rather she started dancing instead ..You know why??? … She said – “Tum log bhi to naachte ho har durga pooja mein, mujhe doobta dekh ke, to aaj meri baari hai” …. lolzz :)))

  3. Pari says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    I must say a very good thing to write abaout.

    You know I am in Pune since last two years, and
    can figure out this problem to some extent,
    as I also have been the victim of this.
    So now its Your turn being new to Pune.

    I agree with Rishi, the after effects of this festival, which makes the ponds dirty.

    I also want to add a major problem which the People living in the Slum area had to face.
    where ever there are ponds in Pune, there are many slum area beside them.
    those poor people had to suffer alot, because of bad smell, bacterias causing Malaria and many other diseases.

    Hope Lord Ganesha give some additional brain this time to all these people to think about it.

  4. Pawan Valecha says:

    Gaurav ! Well Said..!
    I wish that your wish will be granted by Ganpati baba :)

  5. Amit Sali says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    Nice writting for sure. Its good that you shared your information with all of us.
    I want to put some thoughts on this.
    During “GANAPATI VISARJAN” most people use GULAL in the air. This substance is quite harmful to our eyes.
    Also people throw all waste material in the sea, river, ponds. They need to learn not to do such things, instead they can make use of bio-degradable waste as a compost.
    They should bury waste of flowers, fruits, etc arround trees.
    Lets hope this GANESH festival will spread some wisdom to people.

  6. Abhishek Khard says:


    The most saidfull part of Ganesh Utsav is that the idols of Lord Ganesha which ppl worship for Ten days are found @ sea shore/banks of rivers and ponds in broken condition the day after their immersion.

    Is it necessary to Place Idols on each corner’s of colony or road ?

    Can’t we only Decorate City’s Ganesh temples ?
    Put Lord Ganesha’s Idols in few part of City

    ….. It ll Increase the Importance of Fielta and solution for most of the above problem.

    At home ppl can use metal statues of Lord Ganehsa which can b worshiped each year.

    Chioice is aurs……

  7. Neetika says:

    haa haa haa… good one :)

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