Change yourself and move on!

Change is the only constant thing in this world. That’s what we have been told and taught on multiple occasions. Then how can we still remain static or constant?

Have you ever thought why we update books and release newer versions of them? What is the need of upgrading mobile apps and software every now and then?

Doctor can not prescribe same medicine which used to work on human bodies 10 years back. Human bodies are changing, climate is changing, viruses and bacterias are changing, then medicine has to change as well.

We can’t travel by bullock carts anymore, we can’t ride horses to reach our offices. When we invented ccarousel_4_1ars we knew that it would not eat grass, It would run on gasoline.

World has become global. We are learning new things everyday, that’s what is called growth in layman’s language.

If we keep following something written thousands years back, how you gonna compete in today’s world?

What about us? We have changed a lot but still holding centuries old beliefs.

Why few countries are growing faster than others? why few communities are more educated and richer than others? Because they have accepted the change while others are stills struggling.

We have so many questions of modern day but searching for the answers in old books. It’s not gonna help. Isn’t it the only thing stopping us back?

PS: I am not trying to point out any particular religion/belief or holy book here.

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