Don’t abuse it babes!

Be it a dowry case or a molestation case or a rape case, we have always believed in media reports and stood by the women. But not always the accusations are correct and we unintentionally become responsible for spoiling the lives of innocent men.


Now these Rohtak girls (who were crowned national hero overnight by the media and awarded by government within couple of days) themselves are under scrutiny because of the findings that they accused men with similar charges multiple times in past and extorted money from their families. The woman who recorded the act has denied molestation and eve-teasing. Further, she revealed to the police that one of the sisters had given her mobile phone to film the incident.

Two of the accused were about to join the Indian Army. They had cleared physical and medical tests and were supposed to give written test but the Army had rejected them after the incident. Now who will pay for the loss of these men ?

I wonder how a breaking news has now been reduced to a sidelined story. Why is media no more focusing on this? No help/support for the men who have been under torture and tremendous social embarrassment?

Without offending any of my female friends out here, can I dare to say that all men are not that bad and all women are not that nice?

When we need to make strict laws to help/support/empower women, do we not need to be strict against women who abuse these laws? Ofcourse women must get justice but innocent men also deserve justice.

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