Pain is the same…

Like everyone else I also get distressed when I hear about yet another rape. Like everyone else I also get angry and want only capital punishment for the rapist.

I can understand the sorrow of the parents and families when their daughter loses her life. I can understand the ache of the mother.

Mother is the synonym of unconditional love, love which never changes because of your mistakes. Mother never judges you for your weaknesses. Every Mother considers her child as the best child of the world. I want only death for a person who killed daughter of this mother and made her cry.

But then I suddenly think of another mother whose son is going to get hanged. She loved her son like every other 5702518300_91324a75fa_bmother. She always wanted the best for her son. She is going to lose her child as well, she is also in pain, and she is crying her heart out.

Alas! I saw both of them crying for their children. I cannot distinguish who is whose mother. I cannot compare their pain and grief. Color of their tears is same. Agony of losing their adored child is same.

The reasons of the deaths are different. One is getting called mother of the culprit and another one is mother of the victim, but this dissimilarity is not just enough to make culprit’s mother feel any better.

Mother is a mother, hurt is the same, loss is the same, and I can’t ask her to stop crying because she is the mother of the culprit.

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4 Commentsto Pain is the same…

  1. Shikha says:

    Your blog questions our sensibilities in a newer way. Only a person of depth can see this perspective. Well done, way to go.

  2. namrata says:

    Very well written. you should write more. Keep it up.

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