God please bless some humanity to humans.

I witnessed an event which showed me the height of inhumanity. I was at Agra railway station at around 4 PM on 5’Th Sep 2010. One train reached the station. It was coming from Delhi and heading towards Jhansi.

All the compartments were looking like overflowing containers. Train stopped, passengers got down and boarded the train. After few minutes of chaos train again started moving. People, who came down to buy eatables and other things, started running to catch their respective coaches.

After a scene which occurs with the passing of every train, it left the station. Within 1 or 2 minutes, we heard someone crying in anguish, it was so noxious that every one moved in that direction to find out the origin.

When I reached their, I saw something which still causes a stir inside me. A teenager was there on the railway track, with both the legs estranged far away from his body. He felt down when trying to catch the moving over crowded train and came under the wheels. Alas! I could not see that for more than a second and my heart was about to come out of my mouth.

What happened after that was something needs everyone’s attention, cops from CPRF reached the place and started pushing people away, and no one was allowed to go near to that place to help that boy.

Cops were not doing anything except making few calls to their seniors, asking them to reach the spot. The boy with half of his body was crying and begging for the help. Finally after 20 minutes senior CPRF officers and railway officers reached, they discussed and then they called railways doctor. Every one was shouting for the ambulance knowing the seriousness of the issue, everyone knew that a doctor can not do anything there. But they waited again for 20 minutes. A stupid looking doctor came and said we have to send the boy to a hospital (what the hell, they wasted a good 1 hour to reach this conclusion, when it can be reached in a second). They called the ambulance and started filling so many forms for the sack of formalities. Again it took half an hour before the boy was carried by the ambulance.

I don’t know if that boy could be saved after spending more than 100 precious minutes without legs and without any treatment.

I am sure the same formalities would have been done in hospital also before started treating him. How inhuman, insensitive approach was that. Every one could see that what exactly needed to be done, except those who were there to do that.

God please bless some humanity to human!

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2 Commentsto God please bless some humanity to humans.

  1. Neha Mathur says:

    i dont know whether you like my views on this….
    ammm…you are very courageous that after witnessing such an incident you are not deterred by its pain..and can even write about it..i mean i couldnt do it.yes it very much raises a question on humanity…as you mentioned.. and that man is endowed with reason and capable of distinguishing between right and wrong..but still we dont use that faculty(brain)..as u rightly said..”Every one could see that what exactly needed to be done, except those who were there to do that.”…what an irony that the bloody procedures&formalities..are more impotant than a person’s life..VERY UNFORTUNATE..dont know whether to blame it on fate…or call it an accident….

  2. Vaibhav Khare says:

    The incidence was really heart shaking one, but over that the reactions and actions taken by CPRF were pathetic. shame on them.
    Incidence has touched the deepest chord of my heart, couldn’t stop myself to post it on my blog as well so that it could reach to few more people.

    Just to give some relief I want to state that government of India has taken a step towards the Humanity, now helpers to any victim of such incidences need not to fill any formality before getting them direct to the hospital to get all needed first aids done.

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