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media-ahmednagarWe live in a society which consists of different type of people. Differences can be there in the form of religion, cast or financial positions. I cannot envision my life without a farmer who is growing vegetables and fruits for us, delivery men of gas cylinder or news paper or milk, cleaning staff in our office premises. There are endless examples we can list down here.

They all are doing their jobs to help us living a better life. But do we ever think of the life they and more importantly their children live. What is the fault of a child who unknowingly and unintentionally born in a underprivileged family, off course there is no mistake they have made.  So being a very important part of our society do they not deserve equal rights of proper food, education and other basic things. If we are reliant on them for the things which we cannot live without, Isn’t it our responsibility to help those children get a better life?

IMG_1000-1024x742I have been keeping these things in my mind since long and wanted to start doing something which can help the needy and deprived children. Finally the day came when I visited the office of CRY(Child Rights and You) an NGO working for children.

I attended their induction program and came to know the reason behind the name “CRY”, why they are following the philosophy of Child Rights and not of Child Relief. I got educated on the areas they look into, current projects and the way CRY works. After knowing all the important things I decided to join the group and started working.


Now I think that I have wasted many years without doing anything for this cause, but it’s never too late to start something worth doing. I don’t know, how long and how much will I be able to contribute, I am not sure how much my contribution will help those children. But I deeply trust that “Something is always better than nothing”.

Friends, we owe a lot to this society, so let’s join hands and do our part in return.

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2 Commentsto Beginning of a new voyage

  1. Tulika says:

    Pretty decent.. :)

  2. Vaibhav says:

    I really appreciate your joining with an NGO. your views toward this group of Children are truly honorable.
    Here I also want to share my experience that I could gain in visit of an NGO named “Arushi” located in Bhopal,an NGO working for welfare of challenged children, I got this opportunity at the time of Holi. Before me going there I used to have kind of sympathy for challenged children, but now complete change is there that is strange also. Now I have started thinking that these beings are not challenged but more capable doing same things than us perfect creatures. When i was there a child named Rajendra(age would be around 12 to 15) was seriously studying, he was blind by eyes only, his skill on keyboard was far much better than us,his English was just awesome, there was a kind of Masti program going on for that I called him up there to get involved in, but very politely he refused to come and the reason was” sorry bhaiya I have to prepare for an exam so I can’t” please you enjoy. It was a government sector exam. Similarly there was a kid named Shubham( age would be around 8 to 10) and I am not sure whether he was anyway challenged but they said he was mentally unfit. but he was a very funny and ‘YO’ kind of kid. I danced with him, clicked so many photo.
    For every child I had to ask there that where his/her inability is because all they were treating us like normal host, played Holi like our friends, danced like our partners.
    And it has been possible just because of people working for them. they said the best way to treat these children is never let them know about their inabilities.
    It was one of my learning’s that I got from there. Hope you people also took out SOMETHING from it and started thinking at least SOMETHING for these children.

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