For one more day – Mitch Albom

Do we always stand up by our parents when they need us? Can we give them as much as they have given us in terms of love, care and affection? Do we remember and can we count how many sacrifices they have done for us.  Aren’t we more interested in keeping our managers happy than our parents?images

This is not a spiritual or a motivational guide (How to respect your parents and keep them happy) but a very simple and straight tale.  I am damn sure everyone who will read this, will find himself in the lead character.

This is a very touchy and eye opening story of a man and his mother, written very beautifully. It has all the love of a mother and all the ignorance of a son.  “Times when my mom stood up for me” and “Times when I did not stand up for my mom” these are the two building blocks of the narrative.

It shows us what wrong we are doing and what we are supposed to do as far as our parents are concerned. I would like that every one of us must read it. As I already said it’s not a philosophy, it’s a real story of every body’s life.

We must understand that we are not grown only to earn, to do everything which makes us richer and more successful. We have so many other more important things in our lives to take care of but we ignore them.

I am unable to write more on this, because I know this is not about something which can be written. I feel guilty for so many things which I should not have done but I did and for those things which I should have done but I did not do.

I wish someday I would confess and apologize for all those moments when I must have stood up for them, but I did not.

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