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एक कविता और लिख लेने दो

अभी तो हूँ मैं ख्वाओं में कुछ देर मुझे और सोने दो

चंद लम्हे ही सही इस ज़ीवन के हंस के तो जी लेने दो.

कल क्या हो किसने जाना, आखों मे ये नींद भी हो ना हो

सर पर हो आसमां और उसमें झिलमिल सितारे हो ना हो

ओस के जैसे मुझको भी बादलों पर तो उड़ लेने दो

इन ताज़ी बहती हवाओं को सीने मे तो भर लेने दो

ना जाओ, अभी ठहरो तुमसे मुझे कुछ कहना है

दिल मे दबी सारी बातें होठों से तो कह लेने दो

मत रोको मेरे हाथों को जब तब इनमे दम है बाकी

जाते जाते भी मुझको एक कविता और लिख लेने दो

For one more day – Mitch Albom

Do we always stand up by our parents when they need us? Can we give them as much as they have given us in terms of love, care and affection? Do we remember and can we count how many sacrifices they have done for us.  Aren’t we more interested in keeping our managers happy than our parents?images

This is not a spiritual or a motivational guide (How to respect your parents and keep them happy) but a very simple and straight tale.  I am damn sure everyone who will read this, will find himself in the lead character.

This is a very touchy and eye opening story of a man and his mother, written very beautifully. It has all the love of a mother and all the ignorance of a son.  “Times when my mom stood up for me” and “Times when I did not stand up for my mom” these are the two building blocks of the narrative.
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The White Tiger – Aravind Adiga

What to say about a book which has already proved itself by winning most prestigious award, Booker Man Prize for 2008. The book was not in the lime light before it was nominated for the award, and the reason was the author Aravind Adiga who is very new as an author. This is his first book which is got published. He is now among very few Indian authors who won this award.


This is a story about a simple boy Balram Halwai from Bihar, about his struggle, dreams, failure, success and crimes. How he changed his life and became an employer from a servant. Read More…

Lord Ganesha, Please don’t reside on entire road.

Ganesh-ChaturthiDear Lord Ganesha,

First of all I would like to tell you that I have absolute faith in you and your powers.

You know I get up early in the morning, try to get ready on time and somehow manage to catch my office bus, then for the whole day I work hard to earn a living, till the end of office hours I get very tired. Then the time comes to catch the bus again and reach home late evening.

I want to reach home as soon as possible so that I can get my dinner and good rest for next day’s job.
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