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Change yourself and move on!

Change is the only constant thing in this world. That’s what we have been told and taught on multiple occasions. Then how can we still remain static or constant?

Have you ever thought why we update books and release newer versions of them? What is the need of upgrading mobile apps and software every now and then?

Doctor can not prescribe same medicine which used to work on human bodies 10 years back. Human bodies are changing, climate is changing, viruses and bacterias are changing, then medicine has to change as well. Read More…

Don’t be too dependent on reservation. Kick your ass and work hard..

4 years back I fell down on the hard marble floor of my home and got my right hand elbow fractured. It was too painful. I somehow managed to reach hospital with help of my brother where Doctor applied plaster on my hand from wrist to shoulder. For more than a month it was going to be there and I had to wear a support band around my neck to drape my hand.

Initially it was too difficult to cope up with daily chores using only left hand. I was not able to eat, bathe or even brush my teeth. But slowly in a week or so I started managing.

Right hand was at complete vacation, enjoying free time and sleeping in the darkness under the plaster. Left hand was working overtime to extend support to my right hand. Read More…

BBC Documentary- ‘India’s Daughter’ on Nirbhaya Case

What a traditional Indian hypocrisy!

They can do anything within their home or society. They can beat, they can rape, they can kill. But It’s their internal or domestic matter.

Sometimes they will be punished (similar to culprit of Nirbhaya), sometimes they won’t be punished (similar to many sitting Indian legislators and parliamentarians).


Don’t abuse it babes!

Be it a dowry case or a molestation case or a rape case, we have always believed in media reports and stood by the women. But not always the accusations are correct and we unintentionally become responsible for spoiling the lives of innocent men.


Now these Rohtak girls (who were crowned national hero overnight by the media and awarded by government within couple of days) themselves are under scrutiny because of the findings that they accused men with similar charges multiple times in past and extorted money from their families. The woman who recorded the act has denied molestation and eve-teasing. Further, she revealed to the police that one of the sisters had given her mobile phone to film the incident.
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Pain is the same…

Like everyone else I also get distressed when I hear about yet another rape. Like everyone else I also get angry and want only capital punishment for the rapist.

I can understand the sorrow of the parents and families when their daughter loses her life. I can understand the ache of the mother.

Mother is the synonym of unconditional love, love which never changes because of your mistakes. Mother never judges you for your weaknesses. Every Mother considers her child as the best child of the world. I want only death for a person who killed daughter of this mother and made her cry.
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God please bless some humanity to humans.

I witnessed an event which showed me the height of inhumanity. I was at Agra railway station at around 4 PM on 5’Th Sep 2010. One train reached the station. It was coming from Delhi and heading towards Jhansi.

All the compartments were looking like overflowing containers. Train stopped, passengers got down and boarded the train. After few minutes of chaos train again started moving. People, who came down to buy eatables and other things, started running to catch their respective coaches.

After a scene which occurs with the passing of every train, it left the station. Within 1 or 2 minutes, we heard someone crying in anguish, it was so noxious that every one moved in that direction to find out the origin.

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Beginning of a new voyage

media-ahmednagarWe live in a society which consists of different type of people. Differences can be there in the form of religion, cast or financial positions. I cannot envision my life without a farmer who is growing vegetables and fruits for us, delivery men of gas cylinder or news paper or milk, cleaning staff in our office premises. There are endless examples we can list down here.

They all are doing their jobs to help us living a better life. But do we ever think of the life they and more importantly their children live. What is the fault of a child who unknowingly and unintentionally born in a underprivileged family, off course there is no mistake they have made.  So being a very important part of our society do they not deserve equal rights of proper food, education and other basic things. If we are reliant on them for the things which we cannot live without, Isn’t it our responsibility to help those children get a better life?
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A journey with zero visibility

It was one of the coldest days of this winter, chilling wind was thumping my face so hard that it could take the flesh out of it anytime.

I reached Hazarat Nizamuddin railway station at around 4:30 PM to catch MP Sampark Kranti to my home town. There was torturing rush on the ticket windows and platforms because of the disorder created by the delays in almost all the trains. Somehow I managed to reach my berth in one of the coaches and  felt some

I was amazed to see that the train started on time and crowd was started settling in their respective places, I also took off my shoes, sitting comfortably I started reading the novel I was carrying with me, “Sea of Poppies” by Amitav Ghosh simultaneously started munching some potato chips. People were chatting about the fog and the cancellation/delay of the flights and trains, they made me uneasy when they discussed about the recent accidents those occurred because of fog and lower visibility.
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I too had a love story – Ravinder Singh


This novel is simply superb, a special subject and brilliantly written story around that. Thanks to the person who suggested me to read this book.

This is the first novel of the author Ravinder Singh who is a software engineer like us but with an extra ordinary talent of storytelling.  Topic which was chosen is a unique one to write a book but very common among the people who are working and getting ready for the marriage.
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मैं और मेरा खुदा

 किसी से क्यों कहें हमने क्या खोया क्या पाया है ज़िंदगी मे

कोई कौन होता है मेरे और खुदा के दरमियाँ आने वाला

मैं तो बस मानता रहा हर कही इस दिल की

खुदा ही तो था कभी सब छिनने तो कभी सब देने वाला

नही बदल पाया कभी मैं, ज़ो लिखा था उसने

कुछ माथे तो कुछ हाथों की लकीरों में

वही है जिसने भेजा था ज़मीन पर सासें देकर

और वही होगा एक दिन मुझे मौत देने वाला